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REVOLTA DOS R$ 0,20 - Police attack protesters in peaceful protest

Police attack protesters in peaceful protest
The Brazil pre-World Cup, is in upheaval, urban warfare being waged against troops of the State of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and other Brazilian cities
On Friday night (14/06), images of aggression against students, teachers, workers of all sectors, was released worldwide on various television channels and newspapers around the world.
The acts, promoted on Social Networks by several groups, most with no connection to political parties and trade unions, shows that Brazilians are waking sleep of decades that the "generation Coca-Cola is" inert, absorbed and absurdly devoid of ideology, knowledge political and social can avoid being dominated by bad politicians, especially those convicted of crimes of corruption, and continue enjoying the 'Status Quo' and treated to public office.
Against the absurd increases cents in public transport pass, that at the end of the year generate the sum of 600 million profits for shipping companies and agencies of the City of Rio and São Paulo, the user population Trains , bus and subway in these capitals, left the streets calling for the reduction of the tariff.
State police brought back the fear the return of dictatorship, this time possibly starring the leftist party that is in power, and that promoted armed struggles against the military and their weapons of war and torture in 1964, the 'year Lead 'suffered in Brazil.
History repeats itself, and this time the good guys who posed in the name of freedom and democracy 50 years ago, are authoritarian thugs who are suffocating the democratic and peaceful demonstrations.
Thus, the books that count the rise and fall of an empire of lies in this nation, will show that democracy is not for everyone, as well as the "Brazil is not a country All!" As they try to make us think.
The boos against the President of the Republic, on Saturday (15/06), the Mane Garrincha stadium in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, can be understood as a national boo, for everything they are doing against the Indians, the Brazilians, national wealth continues being stolen or sold at a bargain price.
In the streets, the people will scream louder, Enough Corruption, in all endeavors aimed at increasing cash rich and his accomplices, the representatives of the People entrenched in government, parties, trade unions and sold for capital .
Or Brazil will be democratic and fair to his people, or will not be a country at peace ever!
Source: REDE Os Verdes/via Facebook

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