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Grenade blasts in Kigali injure dozens

 Grenade blasts in Kigali injure dozens
Kigali: Several dozen people have been critically injured after what witnesses say are two bombs which went off in the city center during rush hour Wednesday evening.
Ambulances have taken many seriously injured people, said witnesses, who say the blasts happened just after 18:00hours. When the RNA reporter arrived at the scene minutes later, soldiers and police officers had cordoned off the area. 
The blasts went off at Rubangura area – close to the same place where blasts happened earlier this year. Taxis going to Nyamirambo park in this area which at the time when the blasts went off, are dotted with thousands of people heading home.
The Police spokesman Eric Kayiranga told RNA to “wait” for details later. “You wait. Time will come for the details,” he said.
Some witnesses said it was two blasts, as other said it was a single explosion. 
Grenades, gunfire in Kigali, as official election results announced
> http://www.jinamoore.com/2010/08/11/grenades-gunfire-kigali-official-election-results-announced/

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