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Construction of sand berms continues on Louisiana coast

A spokesman for Gov. Bobby Jindal says the $360 million sand dredging project should be finished in October. This work on East Grand Terre Island was photographed June 9. 
Construction of sand berms continues on Louisiana coast 
By Robert Travis Scott, The Times-Picayune
A plugged leak on the ocean floor and new estimates showing reduced oil sheen on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico have not diminished Gov. Bobby Jindal's enthusiasm for the massive $360 million sand berm barrier project he has championed over the objections of some coastal scientists. 
With BP money, the state's dredging contractors in the past two months have completed a portion of the project by moving about 5 million cubic yards of sediment to create narrow artificial islands to block oil moving east and west of the mouth of the Mississippi River. 
Jindal's oil spill response team and leaders of coastal parishes say the berms are capturing oil that might otherwise have flowed into Louisiana's inlets, marshes and wildlife refuges. 
"The sand berm project is continuing to operate successfully," said Garret Graves, the governor's director of coastal activities. "All sand berm construction has been paid for by BP, and we continue to expect BP to fund construction until the project is completed."  
Image: Susan Poag, The Times-Picayune
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