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Scientist will live as an Inuit for one year

Dr Pax Leonard will live in one of the world's most remote settlements
Scientist will live as an Inuit for one year
By Victoria Gill
A Cambridge University researcher will set out on Sunday on a year-long expedition to Greenland to document the threatened Inuit culture.
Dr Stephen Pax Leonard will spend a year living with a community in Qaanaaq in the far north of the country.
Once he has learned their dialect - Inuktun - he plans to record and archive the literature, songs and myths that form the basis of the culture.
Inughuits The Inughuits rely on traditional hunting methods to catch the sea mammals that form their diet
The Inuits in Greenland are the World's northernmost settled population.
For centuries, the Inughuits - as these northenmost Inuits are known - have lived as hunter-gatherers in the remote region. Dr Pax Leonard describes the area as the "cultural centre of Greenland". 
Science reporter, BBC News
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