domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

O Universo em imagens da National Maritime Museu

01)  A Perfect Circle, Dhruv Arvind Paranjpye (India, aged 14). A solar eclipse photographed in India in 2009. The light around the edge of the circle is the sun's atmosphere, or corona, only visible during an eclipse. The photographer has used the dark clouds to act as a filter. Winner, young astronomy photographer 2010  Photograph: Dhruv Arvind Paranjpye/National Maritime Museum
02)  Solstice Full Moon Over Sounion. Entry by Anthony Ayiomamitis.  Photograph: Anthony Ayiomamitis/National Maritime Museum
03)  Whisper of the Wind. Entry by Dave Brosha.  Photograph: Dave Brosha/National Maritime Museum
04)  Surrounded by Space. Entry by Fredrik Broms  Photograph: Fredrik Broms/National Maritime Musuem
05)  The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), Ken Mackintosh (UK). Drawn together by gravity, two galaxies interact. Eventually the smaller galaxy will be torn apart or swallowed by the larger one - a process that will take millions of years. Winner of best newcomer  Photograph: Ken Mackintosh/National Maritime Museum
06)  The Sword and the Rose (Orion's Sword and M42). Entry by Marcus Davies  Photograph: Marcus Davies/National Maritime Museum
07)  Primal Wonder. Entry by Larry Andreasen  Photograph: Larry Andreasen/National Maritime Museum
08)  Orion Deep Wide Field, Rogelio Bernal Andreo California, US, 10 June 2010. A panorama of a section of the constellation of Orion, including the three famous stars of the belt, the Horsehead nebula and the Orion nebula. Winner of the deep space prize  Photograph: Rogelio Bernal Andreo /National Maritime Museum
09)  Siberian Totality, Anthony Ayiomamitis (Greece). Taken during a total eclipse of the sun, this image reveals the faint solar corona usually hidden by the photosphere. The long streamers and prominences show the sun's activity beyond the surface, reaching out into the solar system. Winner of the Our Solar System award  Photograph: Anthony Ayiomamitis /National Maritime Museum
10)  Photon Worshippers, Steve Christenson, 23 December 2009. For a few weeks every year the setting sun is in the correct position to shine directly through this portal in a large rock formation at Pfeiffer beach in Big Sur, California. People and space award winner  Photograph: Steve Christenson/National Maritime Museum
11) Blazing Bristlecone, Tom Lowe, White Mountains, California, 14 August 2009. An ancient bristlecone pine stands before the Milky Way as a meteor streaks the sky. The lighting effect on the tree in the foreground was actually caused by accident when the photographer was setting his equipment up. Overall winner of the astronomy photographer of the year award, and winner of the earth and space prize  Photograph: Tom Lowe/National Maritime Museum
Fonte: The Guardian

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