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The project advances the sly

The project advances the sly
"Commons are transformed into commodities and appropriated privately. Private benefits, public losses"
The billionaire project of a Canadian group that wants to explore gold in the Xingu. The biggest and boldest project gold mining after Serra Pelada in Brazil, will be installed in the same place being built the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte. It is not happenstance, the need of megaempreendimento for energy produced by the plant.
The project advances the sly. Almost no public debate, is about to get a license from the government of Pará The federal government aware of the impacts of the megaproject on the same physical space that is being built Belo Monte, of signs of concern. The indigenous and riverine communities of the Xingu region have expressed their concern and outrage over a threat to their territory and the local ecosystem.
The pressure for the release of mining in the Amazon, including indigenous territories, inserted in another chapter that reveals the voracity of capital for natural resources untapped.
The giant mining project should be interpreted and understood in the context of the dynamics of capitalist expansion of the extractive nature, exporting-primary, force that arrived with the Amazon over the past two decades. 
The construction of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu, the plants on the Madeira, Tapajós Complex, the relaxation of the Forest Code, Ordinance 303 of AGU (Attorney General's Office), the PEC 215, the approval of the Interim Measures 452 and 558, as well as the paving of BR-319 and the growth of agriculture in the region are part of "one package".
The Amazon has become the "last frontier" of expansion of Brazilian capitalism linked to transnational capital. Greed for territory is associated with potential depositary fantastic of natural resources.
The "initiatives" listed above are part of the dynamic that has transformed the Amazon region in an export platform. The absence of restrictions on that logic should be the "option" for a model dependent on trade balance, anchored in the production of commodities. The elevation of the Brazilian GDP and the trade balance surplus require the sacrifice of the Amazon.
Commons are transformed into commodities and appropriated privately. Private benefits, public losses. In the future there will remain open pit craters, witnesses of unbridled of capital.
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