terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Mega Japanese Anti-Nuclear Rally

Tens of thousands of protesters gather in Meiji Park in central Tokyo for an anti-nuclear rally.

They chant, "No more Nagasaki"

Prominent writer and manager of the Crayon House book store, Keiko Ochiai, was one of the organizers.
[Keiko Ochiai, Manager, Crayon House]:
"Our goal is for the end of nuclear power, not only in Japan, but worldwide, and this is only the first step."
Nobel prize-winning author Kenzaburo Oe was also in attendance, and there were live performances throughout the rally.
Of the 60,000-plus participants that came from all over Japan, many were from Fukushima Prefecture - the area worst affected by the nuclear disaster which followed the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.
[Yoshiharu Saito, Fukushima Resident]:
"We, the people of Fukushima, do not see nuclear radiation of course, and we can't smell it, but we have no doubt it is spreading."
The protest ended with a mass march winding through the streets of Tokyo. 
Fonte: NTDTV

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