terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Taksim hosts ‘delightful’ anti-nuclear protest

 Taksim hosts ‘delightful’ anti-nuclear protest 
A group of 30 locals on Monday staged an anti-nuclear protest in İstanbul’s Taksim Square.
An anti-nuclear platform that organized an anti-nuclear protest to coincide with a similar rally taking place in Japan gave Turkish delight to demonstrators and bystanders at İstanbul’s Taksim Square on Monday.
A group of 30 people held signs that read “Good-bye to nuclear plants” and “No to nuclear plants” while marching. 
Protester Erhan Karaçay said it is upsetting to see Turkey taking part in nuclear projects, which caused an unexpected situation that even an advanced nation like Japan could not handle. 
Karaçay also demanded that the Turkish government cancel an agreement signed with Russia concerning the future Akkuyu nuclear plant, which is expected start operations by 2019. 
Around 50,000 protestors rallied in Tokyo on Monday in what was the biggest rally the country has seen in years to show their opposition to nuclear power. It has been six months since the Fukushima disaster and the people gathered to protest the poorly handled incident as well as to demand that the number of reactors be reduced. 

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