domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill isn’t over!

The Gulf Oil Spill isn’t over! 
BP and the Feds have fooled American and the entire world into thinking the BP Gulf Oil Spill is over, that the beaches are clean and that the seafood is safe, and everything is OK.
But guess what? The Gulf Oil Spill isn’t over!
You’ve all seen Charlie Riedel’s dramatic images of the early days of the spill, and the massive show of force defining the cleanup efforts, to make sure the public would believe that all is going to be ok.
But now BP is being allowed to scale back those efforts.
As Thousands of workers have been laid off and a hiring freeze has been instated American and the world is being led to believe that the oil spill is over.
That our waters and beaches are clean, our marine life is healthy, and that our seafood is safe.
But is not. See more at the link:
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