quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Votorantim arrives and environmental crime in Imbituba

 Votorantim arrives and environmental crime in Imbituba
A clear demonstration of disrespect for the environment and the people of Imbituba the Votorantim Group that you want to install a cement factory in this city, is destroying a few days ago a giant dune in Seaside bluff, a permanent preservation area, where there are a few hectares of Atlantic forest, pouring the sand and vegetacao extracted a mangrove area, configuring criminal duplicity.
The Acordi (Rural community Association of Imbituba) made denouncing the Environmental Police, Fatima and federal prosecutors exact three days ago. Ate the moment only the Fatima took Environmental measures have to be taken notifying the police headquarters in Laguna, only that this in turn haven't made preparations to evidence of the crime.
We hope the media committed to Population make coverage of fact, so that the rich biodiversity of our town and the life of the people are preserved. Waiting for your ready positioning we provision.

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