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Egypt military dissolves parliament

 Protesters resist being removed by Egyptian soldiers from Tahrir Square

Egypt military dissolves parliament
Egypt's military leaders have dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution, meeting two key demands of protesters
The military rulers that took over when President Hosni Mubarak stepped down on Friday and the caretaker government also set as a top priority the restoration of security, which collapsed during the 18 days of protests that toppled the regime.
The protesters had been pressing Egypt's ruling military council, led by Hussein Tantawi, the defence minister, to immediately move forward with the transition process by appointing a presidential council, dissolving the parliament and releasing detainees.
"They have definitely started to offer us what we wanted," said activist Sally Touma, reflecting a mix of caution and optimism among protesters who want to see even more change, including repeal of the repressive emergency law.
Judge Hisham Bastawisi, a reformist judge, said the actions "should open the door for free formation of political parties and open the way for any Egyptian to run for presidential elections."
Hossam Bahgat, director of the non-governmental Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, said the military's steps were positive but warned that Egypt was on uncharted legal ground.

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