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MEPs want clampdown on torture tools

MEPs want clampdown on torture tools
MEPs want stricter controls over torture equipment
June 26 is the United Nations International Day Against Torture, marking the coming into force of the Convention against Torture in 1987.
In a resolution adopted last week MEPs urged EU governments to end the sale of implements of torture to countries outside Europe. They also want the list of banned items to be updated.
It was back in 2006 that EU rules restricting the trade of torture tools was introduced. However, the legislation remains unimplemented or only partly implemented in several European countries.
"We are not living up to expectations"
Speaking in the debate, the Chair of Parliament's Human Rights Sub-Committee Heidi Hautala said, "the example of torture tools shows that we are far from being perfect.
We are not living up to expectations and our own commitments."
"The prevention and the eradication of all forms of torture and ill-treatment within the EU and worldwide is one of the main objectives of the EU human rights policy," she added. 
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