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Swedish parliament approves nuclear plant replacements

Greenpeace activists dressed up as water and sun elements demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament
Swedish parliament approves nuclear plant replacements
By Rita Devlin Marier
STOCKHOLM — Sweden's parliament on Thursday narrowly passed a landmark government proposal allowing the replacement of nuclear reactors at the end of their life span.
The centre-right coalition government's proposal in February last year to reverse an earlier decision to phase out nuclear power was approved by parliament after an all-day debate, with 174 votes in favour and 172 against.
Three members of Sweden's 349-strong parliament were absent.
The country had voted in a 1980 non-binding referendum to phase out its 12 reactors by 2010, a target which was later abandoned by officials.
Since 1999, two of the reactors have been closed. The 10 remaining reactors, at three power stations, account for about half of Sweden's electricity production.

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