sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

Truth is up there for UFO watcher

Unexplained object: A photo taken by Bill Stafford of a UFO on June 5 this year
Truth is up there for UFO watcher
From Laura Brodnik
BILL Stafford Junior has seen unidentified flying objects over Tweed and has the photos to prove it.
Mr Stafford has his eyes on the sky after capturing a total of three UFO images that cannot be explained.
“Until someone can tell me what these things are they remain unidentified,” Mr Stafford said.
Mr Stafford's photos show the UFOs in the sky above Currumbin and Tweed. “When I took the first photos I contacted Air Services Australia to ask them what it was and they said there was nothing in the air at that time.
“I then contacted Amberley Air Base with the date and time but they said there were no aircraft in the sky.
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