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Tail docking back on the agenda

 Tail docking back on the agenda
The cruel practise of tail docking has reared its ugly head once again on the political agenda at Stormont. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Officials will brief the Committee next week on the Pre-Consultation of “Docking of Working Dogs’ Tails Regulations (NI) 2012”. The consultation should shortly be available to the public to respond and give their views.
Tail docking was originally considered back in March this year during the passing of the Welfare of Animals Act 2011. Then the quality of debate by politicians and knowledge of the realities of  tail docking was deplorable. Some proponents went so far as to openly push the narrow interests of some dog show operators and scrupulous dog breeders by favouring cosmetic tail docking. After this shocking level of engagement with animal welfare concerns, the Assembly voted to allow the docking of dogs tails for working breeds. The decision went against all veterinary opinion and the Minister of Agriculture’s view for a full ban.
Elsewhere in the UK, successful legislation which has banned all tail docking has been in place for over 4 years. In Scotland those who are complicit in the mutilation of a dogs tail face six months in prison or a fine of up to £5,000, whilst in the rest of the UK the same people get a pat on the back by the authorities who allow this appalling act of cruelty to occur legally.
So why is it a dogs welfare is more valued in Scotland than elsewhere? Why is it a working dog in Northern Ireland, Wales and England is seen as less worthy of our protection from mutilation than other dogs living in some cases only miles away? It is now time that the rest of the UK, starting with Northern Ireland, demand from their public representatives as high a welfare standard.
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